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Most marinas will supply you with wireless.  The name of the telephone company is BTC -- Bahamas Telecommunications

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Hello Veit,

8 Hours from Key West to Bimini? I think this is more Miami to Bimini.
So any advice from Key West?

I will stay in a Marina in Bimini, not sure which one yet.
Any recommendation?

I heard it is possible to obtain some sort of broadband from Bahamas telecom (not sure of the name), do you know which company?

Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre

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Hi Alexandre:
Sail at night, you'll have less trade wind.
try not to sail during a North wind, or the day after a
strong N wind. I should take you ~6-8 hrs, watch for traffic
(lots last night when we sailed over) you can anchor off
Bimini (its a little lively).Bimini Sands marina
has (per Harbormaster) 8' water going in. I always go
into tight spots (lots in the Bahamas) with an incoming
tide.Have fun,VeitATMAN
SM215South Bimini
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On Jan 6, 2014, at 1:25 PM, Alexandre Uster von Baar <uster@...>


Hello Bob,

Just reading your reply/post.

I just arrived in Key West (from Kemah, Texas).

in 3 weeks will be going to Bimini (Bahamas), any advice?
Weather? Current? Wind? etc.

Sincerely, Alexandre


Key West, Florida - USA


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I have done several Lauderdale to Key West races which are

run inside the Gulf Stream, so this route is possible and

not especially difficult as the reefs are well marked.

Also, I have sailed several boats, including Amels, from

from the north inside all the way to Ft. Lauderdale or

Miami. There is sufficient room between the stream and

beach all the way. Sometimes there is a nice

along the shore. The Hawk Channel runs between the keys

the reef. I know the some folks sail this channel, but I

have not, so I would solicit information from others who

have run it as to the advisability of taking my boat there.

In the absence of good local knowledge I would sail

of the reef.

If I were interested is spending some time in the Bahamas,

would take your eastern route, but it seems like the long

way around otherwise.

Fair Winds, Bob

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