Re: [Amel] Main Sail Furler - Cockpit Switch - where can I purchase this?

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Barry & Robyn and all

Thanks for this tip. You were correct about Dick Smith. These guys used to be excellent in the past but have now been bought out by a large supermarket chain and have become nothing much better than another white goods retailer it seems.

Jaycar were much better and are now similar to what the old Dick Smith's was. We purchased the closest spec switch that Jacar had (just $4.95) and this was our problem all along and the furler worked fine the minute a new switch was installed.

Unfortunately we cannot source the same type of switch as the original in Australia so, with nobody on this site appearing to have information of where to get the original switches direct, we will get a couple through Amel so that we have a spare on board too in case another switch goes later. The Jacar one works fine in the interim however we want our boat to look absolutely original.

Interestingly when I took the old switch apart it had clearly been man handled whilst we had detailers cleaning our boat (unfortunately while we were not present) as the toggle had clearly been snapped through inside the switch.

I am travelling by car through Bundaberg tomorrow en route to Agnes Water. Is Tradewinds III currently down at the Port Marina? Nice to hear that there are some other Super Maramu owners in these parts. The only other one we are aware of out here is "ORIS" a well kept 1994 Super Maramu also kept here at Newport in Brisbane. Would love to catch up with you guys sometime.

Kind regards

Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II - sm2k #332
Newport, QLD Australia

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Dick Smith stores are pretty well useless these days. Your best bet would be to seek out a Jacar store, they carry most electronic switches and electrical items.

Best Regards

Barry & Robyn

Tradewinds III SM 171


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