Re: Watermaker/Generator Problems


Same experience. My end fittings cracked after 2
years of use. Dessalator repalced them free of charge
with the new design. But before I changed them, I
learned how to disassemble and reassemble the entire
membrane assembly in under 5 minutes! (while looking for
the source of the leak)<br>Call Mr. Selo at Amel, he
should be able to get you the new parts. They're very
easy to replace. Or call Dessalator in Antibes, they
speak English.<br>To disassemble the membranes, first
remove the high-pressure water intake and outlet hoses
from the inboard end of the membranes. Then remove the
nuts at the end of the long threaded rods that keep
the aluminum plates together. Remove the six rods,
then remove the outboard aluminum plate, which is
bolted to the supporting wall. Undo the PVC couplings to
the low-pressure hoses. The membrane assembly should
then come loose. <br>To remove the white plastic
end-caps from the membrane tubes, just twist them off
while holding the tubes. The new end-caps just press
on.<br>Let me know if I can provide additional
information.<br>Roy Benveniste<br>Super Maramu #195 "Excalibur"

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