Re: [Amel] Re: dolphin desulphation program

I have TROJAN lead acid batteries and they give in there technical specification exactly the condition to do this desulphation.
I do this MANUALLY by putting the voltage at the target voltage
It was very help full the capacity grows from 20% to more then 80% ...
You can download this on Trojan website.
JLuc on CottonBay
Le 22/01/2014 06:22, amelliahona a crit :

Hi Alan:

My manuals supplied by Dolphin are labeled "Amel" and are extremely
basic (4 pages), don't say anything about the various charge profiles as
outline in the manual that is shown in the link that I posted
previously. There is a small diagramatic depiction of a small block
inside the unit that is labeled "regular ???", The manual does not say
what this is for or gives any other information. This selector is in
addition to a selector switch for either "free" or "gel" programs.

My Dolphins are original equipment and are a 50 amp and 30 amp similar
in configuration to those shown in the photos section. I won't be back
on the boat for a month so can't add any additional information.


Amel SM 2000 Hull #335 (delivered July 2001)

s/v Liahona

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