Re: [Amel] Amel Super Maramu Mainsail Outhaul Gearbox

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Does anyone know the LeRoy Somer replacement part number of the bronze gear


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My mainsail outhaul drive failed recently - motor turning OK but only a rattling sound from the gearbox.  I used a hydraulic ram to remove the centre shaft from the mainsail outhaul gearbox - popped up easily with the maximum 5 tonne applied but only after some careful application of heat using an electric heat gun.  I've taken it apart. The phosphor bronze driven gear has stripped probably because the top gerabox bearing on the output shaft had more or less seized.   I've seen earlier posts on this site regarding this type of failure as well as part numbers and gearbox details.  The price quoted by Amel seems horrendous for the gear only, the complete gearbox cost is even more horrendous. Also not impressed with response time for spares so relcutant to order either of these from this source. Managed to source a more or less identical LeRoy Somer gearbox as part of an industrial secondhand geared motor in excellent condit ion on eBay. (Ratio 1 to 75 rather than 1 to 60). However the helpful vendor could not separate the 240V AC drive motor from the MVA gearbox.  Frustration!!!   I'm sure I can easily source the bearings and seals etc locally to do a full rebuild but it would be a bit of a mission to get a local guy to cut a new one off gearwheel. Has anyone sourced either a replacement gearbox or just the phosphor bronze driven gear from anywhere other than Amel recently? I'm in NZ and keen to get back out on the Hauraki Gulf for the rest of this summer. Thanks for your guidance and help - this Yahoo Group is fantastic and a real credit to all you enthusiastic owners.   John and Mali Morton on Wanderer at Bayswater Marina in Auckland.

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