Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Electric motor mailsail boom

georges pellegrini <dji314@...>

I can help you at least for your first question:
What you describe here is very typical of the carbon brushes being worn out. Remove the protection boot, remove all carbon dust in the collector area, change the carbon brushes (Amel sells them for cheap), reinstall the boot with silicon seal and clamp.
This is a 15 mn job and will solve your problem.
Georges Pellegrini, "Greenlight" SA 132

On Jul 16, 2005, at 4:46 AM, ivarmylde wrote:

Two times I had problems with electric furling on the mainsail. The
electric motor on the boom did not move when I should furl in the
sail. After I used a hammer with light taps on the motor house it
worked OK.
When the motor fail like this - does it hve to be serviced or have
anybody a good solution to the problem.
My SM # 53 is now on land in North Italy. Do anybody hve a good
suggestion for winter in the sea in Southern Italy, Sicilia or Tunis.
Hve heared marinas in Tunis pretty fully booked.

Brgds Ivar Mylde
" Silfrania "

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