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Hi Fabio,

As I already said to Mike, I'm VERY interested by what you said in your post concerning the "cubic" box seal and I hope you will answer my question.
I have the Santorin number 39 and the "cubic" box is leaking oil at its lower face, where I believe there is a kind of seal. that "cubic" box is of the first generation of Santorin's transmission, with an aluminium box, a little bit smaller than the next generation one.
Could you give us some information about the seal you replaced on your box. You say you have some pictures and part numbers. Could you send me those information.
Which seal ? why you changed it ? Was it difficult ? where did you find the seal specification ? etc...

Many thanks in advance

Jacques Paulus

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Hello Antonio,

It's curious that the boat you are looking is #29 built in 1990 as my Santorin is the #28 built in 1991! Check if the year is correct.
In any case with #27 - Akwaaba of Mike we make a nice trio!!

Concerning the C transmission, I disassembled all the transmission last year, changing all gaskets unless the big one on top, bushings and oil seals. I done this job as I had an oil loss fron the bottom part of the aluminium cubic box. If you send me an e-mail I can send you some pictures of the parts.
I cannot say if my unit is 15 or 20cm but I can check next time I go on the boat if you need.

The mechanic who made the job, told me that the oil reservoir should not be filled as it should work to receive the oil coming from the transmission in case of over heat/pressure. He told me that if I fill the oil reservoir the C transmission is working at high pressure and that can be the cause problems to the seals. I consulted this forum and someone told me to respect the original Amel system, I also agree so I filled 50% of the oil reservoir even I still have some dubt on this point, as the mechanic theory is quite logical.

Ask if I can help in some way.

Best regards

SN#28 - Italica

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Hello everybody : We are thinking to buy a Santorin build in 1990 and we know that the transmision in that date ( 1989-1990)was defective and the yard changed later for a new one. The old one had a cubic box  ( behind the the engine ) in aluminiun wich was 15x15x15 cms and the new one is in  casting 20x20x20 cms .
Has any of you the old model ? have you had any problem ? Have you change it for the new one ?
I also would like to kown if it is necesary to chage only the cubic box or all the transmision system included the external part that is outside the boat as well as the price and difficulty to do the job.
I am sorry for my english I do better in spanish.
Tank you very much for any help.
Best regard : Antonio Diez 

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