Re: Beautiful drawings of YOUR Amel yacht!

svperegrinus <no_reply@...>

We have recently received from Flemming a very nice drawing of Peregrinus.

We insisted on certain features present on our boat, such as the Bruntons Autoprop (in correct forward-propelling position, which is quite ugly looking from abeam!) and B&G radar on a Scanstrut mount.  For all the extra work, he charged a mere €10 beyond his usual fee.

The .pdf he delivers is a type of file (vector file) that can be printed from very small to giant size (as in many meters tall, if you wish) with no loss of resolution.  Also, on the file you can zoom in, and see small details finely worked.

He is a man of few words who prefers to let his work speak for him.  We are extremely pleased and recommend his art.  He has posted a small .jpg of our boat at:


Francisco + Odette


Amel SM2K #350 (October 2001)

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