Re: [Amel] Transmission Seals

Duane Siegfri

Anne & John,

I don't have an Amel yet, this forum is part of my research for our next boat.  We just sold our Beneteau 285 and are looking for our retirement (liveaboard) boat.  The Amel is very close to what I'm looking for (and Peg is warming up to it) with a nearly "stand-up" engine room, and all of the small details they have engineered into the boat.

I wonder whether the Amel engineers chose a soft metal for the seal to limit the wear on the prop shaft?  If you use a harder metal as the seal, the prop shaft will wear.  I'm not familiar with the type of seal Amel uses...the spring discussion is hard to picture.  Would it be possible to retrofit it with the PIY Seal?  


(currently marooned)

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