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I believe a force 10 stove is almost the same. It bought out ENO stoves.

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Will a 3 or 4 burnet stove fit in a SM?  In a SM2000 I know it fits.  I would really like to upgrade our stove from stoneage, to a moden, 3-4 burner with oven. But i can't see how that will be done without modifications that will affect the whole kitchen.



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We have used a 4 burner broadwater stove with oven and broiler. A 3 burner makes it difficult to secure pots at sea. We would not be without a oven broiler.  

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We need to replace our stove on our Super Maramu and I am looking for any opinions and experiences from the group.  I am considering a Dickinson and wondered if anyone has experience with this stove.  Not sure if we should buy a double for triple burner. Four burner would seem too many burners as I hardly ever use 4 burners in our house.  I believe a broiler is important because it is difficult to use the outside grill in the island winds.  Thanking you in advance.


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