Furling Mainsails

John and Anne Hollamby <hollamby@...>

Fully battened mainsails are notoriously difficult to hoist, lower and
furl. This problem would be even larger if the Amel mast were to be
adapted. Probably easier to scrap the mast and rigging and have a new one
made complete with spinnaker pole track etc..
On mt last ketch I replaced the old main with a new one fitted with
vertical battens thus changing from a negative to a positive roach. It
resulted in a seven percent increase in sail area which could have been
increased in the light of experience. It was a much better looking and
performing sail. I have never seen this done on any other in-mast furling
system and assume that sail makers are not interested in developing more
efficient in-mast sails.
And before you ask, the battens do not get stuck in the mast as they are
furled in well away from the boom where the maximun number of furls enter
the mast.

Regards from Anne and John Bali Hai SM319

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