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There is difference between the different Pantaenius offices. Try to get in contact with Pantaenius in Sweden, they usually is cheaper. Tell them that I recommended you to contact them.

Pantaenius works with different sailing areas and you don't have to pay for a whole year if you are in that area just a couple of months. The most expensive area is the Pacific, due to difficulty to ship spare and new parts.

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I have made several enquiries with respect to off shore cruising Insurance associated with the Blue Planet Odyssey starting later this year in our hemisphere.  You can see the route and timing here.

Several companies (US based) have refused to provide  coverage outside of the normal West Coast American waters.
We have just received a quote from Pantaenius for both local and extended off shore (Pacific crossing) cruising.
The local prices are quite in line with what we pay today, offshore is outright expensive. $9000.00US p.a. South of the 10 degrees N and North of 47 degrees South with a large exclusion zone right across Asia.
Insurance is for full non depreciated value of the boat including contents. $6400.00 deductible on the hull.
My questions.
1. Is there a better way to insure our vessel for a circumnavigation?
2. Some advice coming in suggests we go without insurance at all. Just perhaps liability that is a requirement of most  marinas.

I know there are quite a number of members out there doing what we are about to and any insight would be gratefully appreciated.

SV Libby
San Diego

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