Re: AGM batteries


Hi Anne,

            I have seen Lifeline AGM installed apparently successfully in a Super Maramu but you need to understand how your total charging system works and adjust it all accordingly.

I have had batteries badly abused and downright destroyed by others who were supposed to looking after the boat- it happens everywhere  if you have to leave the boat for extended periods  it is easier to pay for and find deep cycle wet cell. AGM really suffer if they get over charged. Next time I will look for wet cell that I can top up rather than sealed wet cell.

The heat also plays havoc with performance and lifespan. There are endless postings on this site on this subject.

Amel do not recommend anything other than wet cell for the Super Maramu and state eighteen months life cycle for live aboard maximum and up to four years for light use.I have found this to be fairly close.

I made the decision some years ago to accept the cost of new batteries every couple of years or so and live with it.

Fair Winds.

Trevor Lusty

Seafever of cuan

SM425 Ireland

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