Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Jabsco Quietflush Toilets

eric freedman


I just bought a motor complete with macerator assembly from Depco Pumps in
the USA

For $150.00 US.

Fair winds,

Eric SM 376 Kimberlite


[] On Behalf Of John and Anne Hollamby
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2005 10:16 AM
To: amelyachtowners
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Jabsco Quietflush Toilets

Dear Olivier,
I refer to my recent Email to you as I have not had a response.
The Email was as follows:-

Dear Olivier,
The seal on the macerator pump on the aft toilet started leaking in July
2004. On stripping it down I found that the assembly had been fitted ninety
degrees wrong so that the weep holes in the plastic seal housing were in
the horizontal plane thus causing the housing to fill up to half full
before allowing the leaking water to escape. I found that both toilets were
wrongly assembled. I corrected this but only now have I discovered that the
salt water effluent had entered the motor and caused major damage.
The silly thing is that the incorrect assembly would not matter if Jabsco
had put four vents in the housing instead of two.
The replacement motors are grossly expensive and I have been in touch with
Jabsco UK who have been pretty unhelpful so far, although they have offered
20% discount on a new motor.
I have told them that the problem is entirely due to bad assemby and that I
assume that Amel buys the units ready assembled and thus were not to blame.
They assert that there is no evidence that Amel do not refit the motors in
the wrong plane and thus evade responsibility.
I should be grateful for your views and especially whether there is any
possibility of your people wasting time to rotate the motors on new units
possibly to ensure that the manufacturers label is on top rather that on
the side of the finished assembly !!!!

Best wishes from Malta where I am recovering from a hip
replacement operation, John Hollamby

It seems inconceivable that Amel would have taken the new toilets apart and
assembled them so that the weep holes were in the horizontal plane thus
inevitably causing the motor to be damaged when the seal eventually started
leaking. It therefore seems to me that ITT Jabsco should replace the ruined
motor completely free of charge.
I can not pursue them directly as I did not purchase them from them and I
therefore ask you to get in touch with your local suppliers to secure a
free replacement for me.
I look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency.

Best wishes John



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