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Hi Graham
That sounds fantastic and is probably what we will do too when time comes to renew the standing rigging one day. What was the price and what did the shipping cost come to for Hong Kong. Also were all pieces clearly labelled to make it easy for the riggers?
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My SM 140 Sula is in Hong Kong and before a trip to the Philippines last year I decided to replace the standing rigging. Hong Kong has remarkably good yacht repair facilities, but the more research and pricing I did, the more obvious it became to go direct to ACMO in France, the Amel suppliers. I ordered one set of SM rigging with RH turnbuckles by email and that was it. It appeared in Hong Kong 10 days later and fitted perfectly. It really couldn't have been simpler and was significantly cheaperthan getting it custom made. The Yacht Club riggers were astounded as every one here regarding Amel's continued after sales service for a boat that is now almost 18 years old.

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One question about the short turnbuckle: why it is necesessary, why I cannot use a standar one?
I think there is enough clearance between the deck and the roller.
Thank you very much and best regards
Antonio Diez

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Lot's of great information here that I will discuss in detail with SeaTek over the next week.
Thank you all.


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