Turkish Marinas

Herbert Lackner

Dear all,


we plan to visit the turkish coast this spring and autumn and are looking for a place to leave the boat in the water during July / August and then later for the winter on the land.  We will leave Croatia in April and we thought on selecting Leros as a base for july & august  and for the winter and to discover the Turkish west-coast from there. 


Another possibility would be to go direct to Turkey and leave Kali Mera there, - can you share some of your experiences with us? Which marinas would you recommend that are save and fair priced where we could leave the boat in the water in summer and on the land in the winter when we are at home,   are there other places than a marina where the boat can stay save?


Any experiences / recommendations with Leros?


Thank you



Kali Mera, SN120, Sukosan

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