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What is the exact name of the marina in Ragusa? Pozallo?

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Dear Herbert, Stephanie,Peter, Gerhard and Dimitris,
 Thank you all for your responses. Very encouraging. Sounds as though we might be stuck for choice in Greece ! We are leaning towards using somewhere in the Ionian as a base and cruising Croatia from there.
 Gerhard,  We can thoroughly recommend Ragusa as a safe place to leave a boat in the water over winter. This is our second winter there. It can blow from the northwest but there is not a hint of surge in the marina-- which I consider one of the most important features. It only opened in 2009 when it had just 8 yachts for the winter. That prompted the owners to put their prices way down--we paid 1200 euros last year and 1400 this year---for 7 months and it now has a lively crowd of yachts--few motorboats. There is a good crowd wintering aboard  , f rom all over northern Europe , the US, Aussies, Kiwis, etc  and always another yottie to keep an eye on your boat. Local yacht services are not sophisticated but that will grow and in any event Malta is only 60 miles away and you can get everything done there. There is hard standing ashore but it is exposed to the weather and seas braking against the seawall will dump a lot of salt on your boat. Also, they were not too keen on owners working on their hulls when ashore.
   Fair winds,
Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Ragusa

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Hi to All,


The best marina for live aboard is for sure Lefkas , Cleopatra is no bad if you leave your boat.





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Hi Ian & Judy,
We are currently wintering in Lefkas marina for the second year.  It's very safe here, close to town and a reasonable price.  You can look them up on Google and contact Spiros Dallos, the Manager.
How is Ragusa?  We'd like to go there o r Licata one year as well.
Gerhard, Pepino, SM 381, Lefkas, Greece

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