Roger Banks-MANGO wiring diagram

Bernd W. Rost

Hi Roger, sorry for the long time untill my answere, but I thought that all papers are on the boat. But I found one copy of the wiring diagram at home. I hope it bis correkt to write Your adress as following:
Roger Banks
49 Richter Close
ACT 2904
On my MANGO I have two generators at the engine, one for the starter- and one for the service battery-bank. The shore-power charger just Charges the service bank. The main switch has 4 positions (off, charge, normal and both) as described in the wring diagram. In charge position, the servics bank get charged. in the normal position, the engine can be started and the Charger is switched off from the service bank. Both is for starting the engine in case of empty motor bank. I am afraid it is useably only once, after that the Startermotor is defekt. 600 AH from the service bank is to much for it.
If You have two Generators on Your engine, You don´t need any relay, exept You use aditional a wind generator or a solar panel. The motor bank should be normally fully loaded, because the re use during start is very short and it gets loaded during the engine runs. For the service bank generator I use a electronic alternator regulator from Sterling power products. It works very well, short loading time needed and controls the loading voltage direktly at the battery bank and depending to the battery temperature. that seemed sensful to me, because the battery bank is in the engine room and after a longer engine run You may have a battery temperature of app. 40 ° C. What means the loading voltage of Your generator is as low that You get the battery never fully loaded or it is higher and You may kill Your battery with to high voltage during longer engine runtimes. I fly at the 28. of august to the Kanaries where my boat is. I have a little user manual for the MANGO there. I´ll send You copy, it is written in english.
After I purchased my MANGO I had same problems like You. I changed the wiring like it is shown in the diagram and it works fine now.
I think all the things I wrote You did already know, but I hope the Diagram will help You.

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