Turkish marina, Santorin SSB grounding and Santorin holding tank

Herbert Lackner

Turkish marina:


Bill, Samet, Otto,  Rink and Christian, thank you for your answers,  we now decided for Kusadasi and will be there in may.



SSB grounding on the santorin:


There was a thread about the ssb grounding on the amel, I asked if it is possible to connect the ground oft he tuner to the rudder (because there is no grounding plate on our santorin).  In the meantime I found out how it should be (@Attilio, maybe that is interesting for you because you made the rudder connection):


There should be no direct connection oft he HF ground to the rudder because this would connect the battery MINUS pole tot he rudder. The minus pole of the tranceiver power in is connected tot he coax shield and then to the tuner ground à and then to the rudder and that is against the amel electric concept (and will cause corrosion on the rudder).  If a connection tot he rudder is made it has to be sperated with a capacitor so that only HF will go through but the DC from the battery is blocked. Recommendation fort hat is 10 small ceramic capacitors with 3900pF (2500V) each, solded together in parallel (will give 39nF(2500 V) with little Skin Effect).  This will prevent electrolytic corrosion and will give a solid SSB ground.  Without the capacitor it is dangerous!



Santorin holding tank:


On our santorin there is no holding tank, sailing in turkey we will need one.  Does anyone have experience what ist he best way to install one (maybe including some pictures / installation scheme)?

@Ian – Ocean Hobo:  As far as I remember Ocean Hobo has a holding tank installed. Maybe you can tell me how it works , installation, experience…,


Thanks in advance



Kali Mera, SN120, Sukosan






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