Re: Dinghy davits


Kato has already been mentioned and that's a great unit. Garhauer offers excellent value and their fabrication shop can do custom work. Personally I'm not a fan of having a bunch of weight in the stern. I think it's nuts to carry a dinghy in davits offshore. I see davits as something you make use of in protected waters and it's a great convenience when hopping between anchorages. I've had customer boats suffer harm taking big following seas and damaging the dinghy, davits, pushpit, and deck structure. Of course we do our sailing off the US west coast and in the Pacific. Conditions elsewhere may be far more benign. 
With our Maramu, I just made a bridle for the dinghy and used a halyard. I suppose if I had a big heavy RIB, I might use an electric winch handle to make handling easier. Some friends of ours who sailed their SM tens of thousands of miles carried the dinghy on top of the aft cabin when underway. That works better on the SM than it does on the Maramu thanks to the slightly longer cabin. 

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