Looking for 12 batteries AUSTRALIA

Giovanni TESTA

Hi Mike and to all,
I'm looking for 12 batteries to replace old ones.
The boat is now at Bundaberg Port Marina AUS and I have a lot of problems to find 12 batteries to well place into our battery room.
More local shops don't give me prompt and professional support.
So I'm looking around ( now I'm at home, Venezia, Italy) to find or AGM ( better) or wet ( as my old ones). So please which is your opinion about TROJAN SCS 200?  Problem with their sizes( over all for hight ) ?
More please to all,  any suggestions to find here a good batteries store ( Brisbane,Bundaberg,Gladstone) ?
Thanks in advance to all
Giovanni TESTA
Bundaberg Port Marina

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To add to the info from Gary Silver ref Peukert Constant, I am using Trojan SCS 200 batteries. The Peukert Constant is 2.22

Mike Gough,

SM 378

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