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Kent Robertson

Oops, somehow sent that before I was done.
The Autoprop folks said that the H6 was the prop they recommended for the SM with the 100HP Yanmar. Amel says they use the same prop on both the 78 HP Volvo and 100 hp Yanmar.  I bought a MaxProp that works great and isn't as sensitive to sea growth.
Good luck and let us know how you resolve the problem.
Brunswick GA USA

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Hi Scott.  There are some good threads on this site regarding low RPM with the Volvo TMD22.  Search  RPM, Volvo.  I had the same problem, spent several thousand dollars looking for the cause and finally decided it was the AutoProp.  My spare fixed prop was also oversized and over pitched according to a good prop shop in Norfolk.  Repitched the spare and Voila! Good rpm again.  If you were previously able to get up to 3000 rpms there is another problem.  Check the turbo and exhaust elbow first.  My turbo was shot, probably because it wasn't run hard enough to keep the carbon buildup burned off.  Mage sure your bottom is clean and the prop is free of any growth.  AutoProps are very sensitive to any growth at all.  If there is undue play between the blades and the hub, the prop probably needs servicing.  I also had the entire fuel delivery system cleaned, pump and injectors checked, timing checked, 

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Hi. We have a 1997 SM, hull 202, with a Volvo TMD22B and Brunton Autoprop that under load will only reach 2300 RPM at best and suboptimal boat speed. The Volvo readily spins up to higher RPMs in neutral with just a bit of white smoke, "sounds good" and doesn't burn any oil; while under load, we reach 2300 at half throttle and then can go no higher no matter how much more fuel we add. A couple of non-Amel mechanics suggest the Autoprop is the trouble, although it seems to fold fine manually when I dive it, and we see no significant difference between it being just cleaned or not.

Does anyone have pitch and setting recommendations for this prop, which I think is an H6, with the Volvo engine on an SM, or any thoughts and advice? Also, who might we talk to to service the prop? We are currently in St Pete FL, with hopes to solve the power problem and be cruising south in the very near future.
Thank you.
Scott and DIane

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