Re: Bent Anchor

Alain dHYLAS

Every anchors are conceived to be pulled straight "on line".. if,
for some reasons, they are pulled sideway, they usually realign
themselves with the new direction of pull..

With the "old technology anchors" the question was simple, they did
break out.. and they will not bend..

The "new technology" anchors behave differently. As they have a
better holding, they will not break out, but, if by accident, they
are wedged into something "solid" on the sea bottom (for example,
two rocks) they will bend..

It is quite easy to avoid this problem.. and they are several
1°) the first one is to use a stronger steel alloy, this is the
solution used by Danforth, Delta.. and Spade!
- For aluminium alloy, it is a different question as it is not
possible to use all available types of aluminium, as some are not

2°) the second possibility is to make the shank equally strong in
all directions.. which means a "square" shank. But then, if the
shank will be more solid, and could be pulled in all directions, it
will be by far too heavy and the anchor will not work any longer..
(with the Spade, we already enlarge the shank, this is why the shank
as a trapezoidal cross section – to be compared with other anchor

I've seen nearly all brand of anchors bent.. but, up to now, I
didn't find the perfectly right solution to this problem..

At least, the possibility to exchange the shank of the Spade is one
advantage.. with other anchors with a fixed shank, if you bend it..
you only have to discard the whole anchor.. With the Spade you only
have to change the shank..

[ We are considering having the shank straightened and then adding
two bars of stainless to reinforce the shank.]

I will not suggest you to do that, a bent (and re- straightened)
metal will always be weaker.. If you don't want to discard the whole
anchor, I will then suggest to find a metal shop specialised in
stainless steel. The will cut a new shank and weld it in place of
the bent one..

I will not either suggest to reinforce the shank.. Yes, the shank
will be stronger.. but the Bügel is already an unbalanced anchor and
doesn't have enough weight on the tip (only 16% of the total anchor
weight, and this is why they need a "roll bar" at the back part of
the blade) If you reinforce the shank, you will also ad some more
weight on the shank and thus decrease further more the weight
repartition on the anchor tip and decrease the setting ability..

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