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Forget about straightening the Wasi as the metal will loose its specs which will make the anchor very unreliable.Stainless still can break if its molecular structure is changed. Straightening your anchor bac kmay have such an effect I'm using a Spade 34 kg stainless steel which is doing reasonably well and it can be trusted. However depending on the holding ground it may give you some surprise like any other anchor. I almost lost my boat with 90 meters of chain and the Spade at the end. It gave way three times in a night. Of course the conditions were a bit outstanding guts 45 to 50 kts depth of 8 meters and obviously a very poor holing ground.
My conclusion is that regardless of how much you trust your anchor as soon as the wind blows seriously keep an eye out. This is the best way to prevent some unfortunate event to spoil your cruise.

SM 150

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bent Anchor
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 21:43:29 -0000

We will be purchasing a 2002 SM2 early next year. We recently spent 10
days on this boat getting to know her. While anchored in the BVI one
day, the shank of the anchor bent very noticeably. This was not a
windy day but the water was fairly rough in Road Town harbor; nothing
extraordinary. The holding ground was very sticky mud. We understand
that this is the normal WASI stainless steel anchor that Amel provides
with this model boat.

We are considering having the shank straightened and then adding two
bars of stainless to reinforce the shank.

Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, what was your solution?

Thanks in advance.

Judy Rouse

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