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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Hello Lior,

I do have an Inmarsat, I have the Mini-M which end of life is expected in 2015 or 2016.
The quality is great, but the cost is very high. I paid $2.83/min.
Since I was NOT HAPPY with my provider (Global Satellite) "Fake" Florida company really located in Moroco (they were calling me from skype?!?) I am looking for a new provider. But regardless the quality was excellent and the coverage is world wide. So if you are only in the Caribbean, I would say overkilled. The previous owner of my boat, used to cross the Atlantic, etc.

Hope that helps, sincerely, Alexandre
Brown's Marina, North Bimini, The Bahamas


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you are
compering the globalstar with iridium. can anyone give also
a feedback about the inmarsat phones? it costs about 1$/min
and has a large coverage (that what i heard). does anyone
has expirience with inmarsat phones?

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I gave away our GlobalStar equipment because
the satellites were too unreliable.  Spot is
GlobalStar.  So that leaves Iridium or local cell
and/or local wifi.
It has been 6 years since we have been in the
Caribbean.  GlobalStar says they have new satellites,
but they lied to all their users so much 6 years ago, 
I will never trust them.
You also need to remember that, for the most
part, all sat phones are designed to be one way calling. The
generally are not designed to carry in your pocket or set on
a table inside the boat so that your daughters can reach you
by text or call.

I would try local wifi/skype and/or local cell.
You may have to get new SIMs at each island, but you'll
be going ashore anyway. Then if that doesn't work for
you, GMPCS in FL can ship you an iridium phone to any

What about BlackBerry worldwide service. I
would check into that as well.
CW Bill Rouse

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We will be heading to the Caribbean next
fall and my wife will want to text our daughters almost
daily and speak to them every week or so. I thought I would
seek advice from the group as to what is both reliable and
affordable. Spot Global, Iridium , Global Star or what else
may be available ?
Thanks ,Pat &
Diane         &nb
SM Shenanigans

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