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Great info, thanks to all.  Communications options are growing so fast it's hard to keep up.  My old Iridium phone needs to be replaced and the new ones with wifi hotspot sound like the way to go.
I'll get a wifi booster for use when on the hook. I'll contact Bob at IslandTime and look at Blackberry Worldwide, too.
I've used for my grib files when at sea.  Is there something else easier or better that's not too expensive for weather forecasting?  I've also used Chris Parker a few times for weather routing on the way South from the Chesapeake, but seems like is pretty close to what he has recommended.
Thanks again to all for sharing your experience.

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I mounted my antenna to the cross bar on the back stays. Bob said not to mount it too high as it has no view downward. He provides enough cable to put the router at the nav station:


Bob also has 24v routers (with USB ports) and POE devices. If you tell him you want a set up like Cream Puff – he knows me. I also purchased my ships computer from him. Of course, Bill turned me on to him J


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Bill and Pat, Did you mount your antenna at the top of the mast?  If not where?  If so, any problem with that installation?



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Every time I recommend IslandTimePC for wifi, I get a thank you from the person I am making the recommendation to.


If you want the best WiFi booster/router and enable all of your devices to connect through a router to wifi, email Bob Stewart at rstewart"at"


Bob is an ex-cruiser who builds wifi systems for cruisers and also builds 12 and 24 volt PC computers. He is a good guy, prices are right and you will get something that is truly plug and play because before Bob ships it, he connects it, makes all of the settings and sends you complete understandable directions.


When you contact him, ask him about the router that takes a USB dongle...this is something fairly new. You should be able to use the router you get from Bob to deliver via wifi internet to all of your devices onboard...but also when you want deliver internet via a cell phone SIM card USB Dongle to all of your devices. Tell him I told you to ask for this...he will know what you are talking about.



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Do you have SSB?  That's the cheapest way to communicate, but it can be less than ideal connection.  Iridium phone serves most of my needs when offshore.  Cell phone from US can be more expensive than SatPhone.  Local cell phone okay for local use, but may have to get new contract for each island (country) you visit.  If you can get internet access skype is cheap and excellent connection.  The new SPOT allows you to change message on the fly, but only good for transmitting.

Sooo...I've found that emailing via Iridium is my choice for staying in touch while at sea.  Keep phone calls short and she can satisfy that need to hear a voice.  Try to use Skype when possible and Iridium when you don't have internet access.  If you're going to be at a single island for a month or more it's probably worth getting a local phone for local calls and texting.

I'm going to add a WiFi booster before I head South aga in.




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We will be heading to the Caribbean next fall and my wife will want to text our daughters almost daily and speak to them every week or so. I thought I would seek advice from the group as to what is both reliable and affordable. Spot Global, Iridium , Global Star or what else may be available ?

                                                                                                   Thanks ,Pat & Diane

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