Re: MANGO wiring diagram

Roger Banks <roger.banks@...>

Hi Bernd

Thanks for getting in touch again. My address is correct as shown
below, however, I have now located a wiring diagram in French, which I
don't understand 100% but can see that the diagram does not answer my
problem, unfortunately. All the diagram shows for the motor, a Perkins
4.236, is a tiny representation of the engine block, but with no engine
specific wiring. In other words, the wiring diagram shows everything
which relates to the boat but no detail for the Perkins electrics.

I've now spent at least four long days of valuable visits to my Mango
in Queensland (1,000 kilometres away from home) exploring the wiring,
including peeling off all of the coverings of the wiring loom and
tracking every cable separately. It's been interesting to say the
least. Right now, I'm armed with a handful of replacement relays and a
new regulator and am itching to get back there to see if I've resolved
the complex problem. If so, I'll make a post to the user group,
including to yourself of course.

Regards, Roger
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