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Mark Erdos

Just as an added FYI- a Google Number is free and works like Skype without the video aspect. You can call and text when a Wi-Fi connection is available. In addition, if someone calls your Google number, it will ring multiple phones you program into your account. (i.e. home, cell, office etc. will all ring at once)

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Go ahead and get Skype now so that you can try it out and get used to it. We have the simplest plan where we prepay with a deposit of $10 and Skype automatically grabs another $10 when our account gets low. 


Skype has many plans, including assigning a phone number to your account with your choice of area code so that people can send you texts, call you, etc.





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Bill & Kent, Thanks for the info, you answered my questions. I think we will primarily rely on Skype and get a wifi booster. Thanks Again, Pat



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You can use Skype for phone calls anytime you have internet access.  The problem, I think, is when you have your satphone on and hooked up to your laptop or touchpad via hardwire or wifi hotspot. That's when it downloads updates using your satphone data. If you are ashore or on the hook and connected to a commercial or free hotspot it's just like using Skype on your home wifi connection. So, yes, you can call with Skype from anywhere in the Caribbean that you can connect to the internet.


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I am thinking Skype may be a good way to say in touch. The Skype website they showed their hotspots in the Caribbean , they were limited ,showed no hotspots south of Antiqua . Can someone confirm that one can connect to Skype further south down to Grenada ? Has Skype proved to be a reliable means to communicate back to the states? Has, as Trevor mentioned, the unintentional downloading of updates been a problem ?

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Another Fleet Broad band user.


A Skype app. is lethal for downloading updates without you knowing until you get your bill.

All and I mean ALL apps. and programs must be switched off before you connect to the internet otherwise your PC will download every update it can find out there and you have no way of knowing until the bill arrives.


I find it works much better and cleaner with a Mac Book Pro logging on to a dedicated closed email address with That way there is no roaming for updates from other internet sites.

The Sat phone charges commence the moment you start to key in a phone number NOT when the call connects.


 Downloading large data files (e.g. manuals, instructions ) while at se a can be a very costly business $1k plus! if the connection drops out - how do I know this?


It works very very well but is prohibitively costly and I always pull the jack plug out of the Mac when not in use.

For weather charting and routing,all sites, it is simply fantastic.

I still haven't sailed into a dead zone and always have had coverage.

Excellent for safety I have used it to relay piracy from The African coast to UK navy in minutes.


In saying all that Blackberry world roaming $100 per year wins every time for solid land based communication at affordable and reliable rates.


Knowing what I know now I would never have installed Fleet as the running costs never came close to what I was lead to believe, it is just too expensive.

Average annual billing using Fleet including some business use $10 to 14k over a three year period.

At least forty per cent of this was data i.e. updates I didn't know about or want.


The most stable PC platform for Fleet has been Windows XP3.


I would choose my hand held Iridium over Fleet simply because you know what the bill is going to be and you can call anytime from your Sat. phone to get the balance.

The Satellite dish is mounted on the port side pushpit rail with a stabilizing bracket and has been a success.


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