wifi booster on boats


On a previous thread somebody mentioned that antennas do not need line of site.  That is true if you have an omni directional antenna.  If you are the dock you may want to get a directional.  I'm actually looking at building my own
I will probably do this. 

this gives the advantage of setting it up with power over Ethernet so i can plug into a router on our boat and have multiple devices. 

or use the same components inside wirie here
add the wirie ap component here. 


    I haven't figured out the antenna option for this set up yet. 

or use this set up
1. antenna
  22 bucks from amazon....  maybe it will work with the components for the wirie

2.  http://www.amazon.com/EnGenius-Network-EUB9603H-Adapter-150Mbps/dp/B003E8J998/ref=sr_1_8?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1392580000&sr=1-8&keywords=engenius+wifi  

in all three of these a simple waterproof case will work the waterproof connectors and silicone. 

Suggestion going the power over cat5 connection does not have a limit on the length of the cable as does a usb cable. 

Also make sure the usb cable is an active usb cable (2.0 is fine as the both the alfa and engenious are 2.0 usb connections. (3.0 are the usb with the blue plastic fyi)

I haven't fully decided but i like the idea of a portable one so i can take the unit with me.  Maybe use the components of the alpha that way if i need better internet connection in the marina office i can use that.

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