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Roughly 15. -24 miles. All things  being normal. 

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Hello, I have a Fleetbroadband 150, working very well.
1. I changed my contract to prepaid, because I am only 2-3 months / year on the boat. Otherwise the rates are very high.
2. As the SAT-antenna is fixed, you may always be able to receive incoming calls.Every  automatic life-vest on our boat has a PLB - so I progammed the SAT -phonenumber in each one of them. By this way I hope to get LAT/LON of the PLB by the rescue center. I don´t think this would work with handheld SAT-phones in case of emergency. avoid unexpected and unwanted use of expensive airtime for data , I blocked updates  by the freeware  UPDATEFREEZER. time  I will no longer connect  SAT-phone and Laptop via LAN-cable ( I only connect  when look for data ) - I will install  a RedPort Wifi Optimizer ( working like a firewall to the SAT phone) and compress data by  SPEEDMAIL. I hope this will avoid unexpected airtimecosts.
5. For Wifi in the harbour I bought a BULLETM2 Airmax
6. SSB/ BLU  is good for my Ham-radio club, sailmail and keep in contact with other boats out of distance for VHF
Fair winds Wolfgang Weber  SY ELISE Amel 54 # 162

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