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Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all ,
thanks so much for very appreciated infos and suggestions.
At the end, I found on the web batteries stores, so kind to answer me.
Considering that my first choice is AGM, for lower discharge when I am at home and others personal opinons/experiences ( now AMEL use AGM),
I'm choosing between: Deka 8A31DTM_105 or Century C12-120DA _Both fit very well in our batteries locker. Probably better Century for more A(+ 90).
Barry, I return on board next 15/20 April, I'll be very glad to met you.
Fair winds to all

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How come you need 12, I can only fit 8 plus the engine battery. Up till now I have used Powersonic 12volt 110amp AGM batteries, available from their store in Yatla south Brisbane. There are other brands, one escapes me now but I did find they are available from Wynnum near Manly in Brisbane. If I cannot get down for a replacement, the batteries are available online, as long as you know what you want. I also found some suppliers with deliver for free or at very reasonable charges. TW3 is on the hard there at Bundy, we return next month, when will you be back yourself?

Barry and Robyn
Tradewinds III SM #171

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