Re: Amel 54


From the (small) pics and cutaways that I have seen so far in the
French press, it seems very similar layout to the SM. Principal
difference appears to be that the front cabin is now divided into
three parts - a double cabin to port, a bunk to starboard, and a
laundry area with washing machine forward.

The stern is now much broader, and has a decent bathing platform.
There is still no rear gantry (controversial I know!)

There are more hatches and portholes (including two in each side of
the hull) so I imagine the interior is a lot less submarine-like.

I could not work out from pics the orientation and layout of the
navigation area. I hope they have abandoned sidewards facing table,
whereby whoever is working in the "office" always has their back to
whoever is working in the galley. It is much more congenial if the
nav area faces forward as (on my boat at least) the nav table has the
computer and so is used for far more than just navigation...

I will be interested to see if they will offer a choice of
instrumentation as I would like a networked Raymarine set up in my
next boat.

The overall effect is that the boat is not quite so pretty as the SM,
though I will reserve final judgement until I see it in the flesh...

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