Main (GV) outhaul line

Alan Leslie

I know there are other conversations about this, but trying to find them in this new format proves difficult for me...


When we came to NZ from New Caledonia last year, our main boom outhaul line was stretched to bu_g_ry.

Seemed to me it was best to replace it with a low stretch line like Spectra...which I did.


Well, that line has stretched and in the 30-40 knots we had on the nose2 days ago from Tutukaka to Kawau, it slipped so much I had to put a line in the clew and take it to the in-built cleat on the boom to stop the outhaul from running back to the mast.

This morning when we looked at it, we could plainly see that where the spectra had been on the boom winch wheel it had changed shape, reduced its diameter, and the cover looked like melted wonder it slipped.

I thought it was too loose and kept tightening it by retying the small lines that connect the outhaul to the boom car.

I'm thinking now that polyester is  perhaps a better's not so slippery and sure it stretches more but that can be taken up over time.


Or is it that in New Zealand we sail more hard on the wind in breezes that are much more than fresh and this system just can't handle it?

Anybody out there with some ideas / experience of this issue ?





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