Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Have possibility to order several spare SM furling motors from Emerson - seeking other interested owners

Stephen Davis

We just purchased our 1992 SM, and would be interested in obtaining a spare motor. 

Steve and Liz Davis
SV Aloha SM072

On Monday, February 24, 2014, <atioceania@...> wrote:

Hello. I've been in contact with Emerson Industrial Automation, who own Leroy Somers, about obtaining a spare furling motor for our SM. We had to glue back together one of the armature magnets that was cracked on our outhaul motor. This motor is discontinued. Emerson is willing to set up a production run of 10 or more  (Type MBT86M, Number 00F 670228), at a cost of 550 Euros per motor (ouch!), plus delivery from Angouleme France. Are there any other interested SM owners that wish to obtain one or more spare motors? I've no plan of how this might work, with regards to payment, delivery… I just know that we need to have a spare motor ourselves and am seeking a solution. Perhaps there are others here in the same situation.

OTOH, does anyone have a suggestion for a value priced source for 1-2 of these motors, or a workable substitute? 

Please feel free to contact me directly by email, or via the user group.

Thanks for any and all input and ideas.

Scott and Diane
SV Ati SM202

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