Chain Counter

mcymabm <mcymabm@...>

Hi Alain,...who answered me a long time ago, while I was at sea

Thank you for your advice. I actually have done that…..not quite
match with an AMEL boat!!
But I find much more convenient and secure to be able to manoeuvre
the windlass from the cockpit because I can help with the engine in
order not to pull too much on it. Since, I persevere in my search of
a solution. It happens that the first Super Maramu which turned on in
Panama after me also had a problem with its chain counter( quality
confirmed) and nevertheless the AMEL refusal to help, we managed with
a professional electronician to make one with two …or nearly. On
getting the anchor back on board, the counting of the "ten" figure
works well but the unit figure goes wrong ; e.g. 40,41…49,30,31,
….39,20 and so on.

Does anybody know the solution to that?

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