Re: Stern bumper

Graham Boyd

I fitted a new bumper to my SM in Jan this year and when it arrived
from Amel I didn't think that the covering was the same as the old.
In practice it has been absolutely fine but bear in mind the boat is
in Scotland and one of the few weather problems that we don't have
here is very strong sun!

Graham Boyd
SM 140 "Sula"

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<willem.j.kroes@f...> wrote:
Has anyone also had a bad experience with a relatively new stern

I bought from the Amel yard in april 2004 a new bumper and within
few months the cover material showed some scars and this summer
cover material started peeling off.
I contacted Amel on this issue and they offered me a new one for
the price. Because I think that the problem is the bad quality of
cover material - which is definately not the same material as used
the original bumper that lasted for more than 10 year - I hesitate
accept this offer (which in fact I judge not to be generous at
if the problem is a an inferior product that was sold).
This summer I met an other Amel Santorin in Sardinia with a
relatively new bumper that also shows cover material peeling off.
my question is are there more owners of Amel boats with recent
bumpers showing peeling off of the cover material?

Willem J. Kroes

Amel Santorin "Kavanga"

Arbatax, Sardinia

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