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Hi, Ann-Sophie,
I'm unclear as to the mounting bracket.  Is it attached to the middle of the table so that it rotates?  Can it be locked in any position?  Can it be folded down out of the way, or must it be removed and stowed?
On another note, what is the U-bolt for that is attached to the line holder by the table bracket?
I'm also looking for some different arrangement for the cockpit table, anyone else have other ideas?
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From: Ann-Sofie Svanberg
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We have mounted a Lagun table on the outside front of the rope-container below the mizzen mast. We choosed the large table and it works perfekt. It is always up. 

You can see it on and choose english as language. Belive that you can buy it in USA as well.

I posted some pictures in the album Cockpit table, Extra. And you can see it in use, just finnished brakefast......

SY Lady Annila, SM232

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2 mar 2014 kl. 22:52 skrev terencesingh@...:
We are looking for more details on how the cockpit table on the Super Maramu 2000 that is mounted to the rear of the captains chair is constructed. The standard cockpit table that came with our SM (1997)  is too large for every day use and we are looking for an alternative.

Thanks in advance.

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