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Patrick McAneny

Dieter, I removed everything from the mast I could, I believe there are stainless screws securing the section that covers the furler. I did not remove them. I sanded those areas down with a small wedge shape sander and then hand sand with 220 grit, once all the corrosion was sanded away I applied sealer /primer immediately before oxidation could take place. I did not fill those area as the depressions were not severe enough to warrant it. I suppose you could, but then that would require sanding the epoxy to fair it out, then instead of a slight depression you may end up with bulge only noticeable after you have a shiny coat of paint on it. If you have depression you want to fill a bondo type of filler may be better, certainly much easier to sand and fair. If you decide to roll and tip, email and I will elaborate on the steps involved .
                                                                                                                                                                                 Good Luck,
                                                                                                                                                                                Pat SM Shenanigans

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apart from painting the mast:

I noticed that on some places the original painting of the mast is lifted around rivets and other metallic parts due to corrosion.

Is it correct to remove the metallic parts there, sand the aluminium thoroughly and fill-up the missing aluminium with epoxy prior to painting? Or what should be done instead?

Any recommendations very appreciated

„Fal-lera“ Sharki 135

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