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Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all,
I found this  how tu use Bondo
sv EUTIKIA 428

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  Sorry, I forgot your question . Your Awlgrip dealer may have a bondo like filler, I bought the filler from  a automotive paint supply house. I can not remember the name of the product, it was a pale green. You only mix a very small amount as it kicks in a few minutes and is ready to sand in ten, and sands very easy and fairs very well. Just tell them what you are doing and they will set you up with the right stuff, Bondo or a bondo like product, some bondo has fiberglass strands in ,you would not want that. I used the bondo on my topsides to fill many dings in the gelcoat, not on aluminum but I am  sure it would be fine  on aluminum as well, but check. The problem with epoxy is it very hard to sand down the excess and to fair out sanding by hand.
                                                                                                                                  Good Luck, Pat

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Hello Pat,

it looks so complete that I think it should be possible for me, many thanks. Could you pls give me
a hint what sort of "bondo type of filler" that you mentioned should I use?

"Fal-lera" Sharki 135

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