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We used a group 31 truck batter . It is availableeverywhere. It was an exact replacement for out batteries.

Fair Winds


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Hello Giovanni,

we hav since 3,5 years the scs225 from Trojan. They fit .


Wolfgang Buelow


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Giovanni Testa schrieb am 10:10 Freitag, 14.Februar 2014:


Hi Mike and to all,

I'm looking for 12 batteries to replace old ones.

The boat is now at Bundaberg Port Marina AUS and I have a lot of problems to find 12 batteries to well place into our battery room.

More local shops don't give me prompt and professional support.

So I'm looking around ( now I'm at home, Venezia, Italy) to find or AGM ( better) or wet ( as my old ones). So please which is your opinion about TROJAN SCS 200?  Problem with their sizes( over all for hight ) ?

More please to all,  any suggestions to find here a good batteries store ( Brisbane,Bundaberg,Gladstone) ?

Thanks in advance to all

Giovanni TESTA


Bundaberg Port Marina


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To add to the info from Gary Silver ref Peukert Constant, I am using Trojan SCS 200 batteries. The Peukert Constant is 2.22

Mike Gough,

SM 378


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