Cockpit table and seat

Anne and John Hollamby <annejohnholl@...>

Hello Kent, To see an alternative table go to the photos section and click on the search box to delete “search groups” and insert
SM319 Bali Hai changes. This should bring up an album of 28 pics which include those showing how I replaced the fixed helmsman chair  with a locking, swivelling one which has gas struts to make it rise and fall and move in and out.(Softrider pedestal, I bought two of these and changed the Nav table seat at the same time. I had got the table support from Lagun, a Swedish company and placed the backing plate to it’s mount next to the web in the centre of the cockpit locker and then reused one leaf of the old table placed off centre on the mount. On the rare occasions that we have two or four dinner guests we reuse the second leaf of the original table using the original hinge and leg. When not needed the table and its strut are removed together with the vertical strut and put on top of everything in the locker. The second leaf is stored in a hanging locker. The installation was very easy and straightforward The gas filled strut pedestal is,I believe unique and is the only one available anywhere. The details of both fittings can be seen on the web and airfreight is not very expensive compared with couriers. One of the other changes we made was to fix teak grab handles to the fixed dodger, two over the port side and one to starboard. These were secured with small bolts and self locking nuts and the bolts cut off flush to protect the awning.
                  Good luck,  Anne and John,  Bali Hai, SM319,  for sale in Malta

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