Re: Fw: Propshaft wearing ring

Craig Briggs

The "TC" designation on the seals you bought, John, does indeed specify that it has a double lip. The single lip would be "SC".  Actually, though, it is only the one lip that is in line with the spring that is doing the fluid sealing.  The second is to keep external dust and debris away from the "working" lip. They are used in applications like car and truck engines where road dirt is an issue. Perfectly ok to use but really not needed when the outside is continually washed by sea water - hence Amel used the "SC".  Good 'ol Henri!

Craig -- SN#68 "Sangaris" - Sicily (we're still in FL)

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Hello Craig,
 ..... The oil seals provided by Amel have one edge to keep the oil in whereas the ones I have bought have two edges. The details are sleeve made in Japan by Nippon Thompson.Co. Ltd.(IKO) part no LRT 455035  !pcs. and 1030627 and the oil seals are TTO   F214  2  TC  50 65 8. .....
            Best wishes, Anne and John,  SM2K 319,   Malta 

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