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With respect, I don't think the posted entries seem to deal with the faux teak itself or the
coach roof. There are plenty of comments on the stripes, which is helpful. In my case, the
previous owner painted (rather poorly) over all the decking (including stripes), coach roof
and cockpit with white paint, which I'm keen to change back, if possible, to original or
something approximating to it. Is it perhaps the case that the faux teak is a stick-on pre-
printed material which cannot be restored or re-gained? Like the posting two days ago, I
would be very grateful to receive any guidance on this subject.

Regards Roger, Mango 28 of 1982

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This subject has come up before. Go to the bottom of the page and type
in faux teak and hit search to see all the postings.
As an alternative get an estimate for covering with TEK-DEK which is
a sort of cork planking. Probably costly but would look good and would
keep the deck from getting so hot in the tropics.

Regards, Anne and John

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