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Craig Briggs

ACMO's customer service person is Sylvie Gazzurelli and her email is sylvie@....  Odd you're not getting a reply as I've found her most helpful and very responsive.  The phone is (33) 
You can also check out their bilingual (French and English) website -  It's got their contact info as well as a very good section with all the specs of their rigging.  Of course, Sylvie will have the original Amel specs for your boat. She does speak some English - I found it best to confirm our conversations with email afterward. 
Two hints - if you pay with a US credit card they don't charge the 19.6% tax and if you order standard right-hand turnbuckles rather than the oddly-specified-by-Amel left-hand ones you'll save 1000 euros. Send me 20% :-)  My bill for the Santorin was 4,851.69 euros. That included 145 for shipping to Italy (imagine what Amel would have charged!)
Good luck,
s/v Sangaris, SN#68

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I have emailed ACMO twice in the last two weeks with a request for quote on rigging replacement for my SM # 335.  No reply as yet.  I emailed in English and perhaps they don't speak English.  How did you get in contact with them?

Gary Silver
s/v Liahona

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