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I followed Ian's plan with just  a few changes. It has made sailing and docking an Amel a new experience. We put a zippered glass across most of the forward part so it can be dropped down when docking, or when just enjoying the view while sailing in harbors and narrow channels. The dodger is the same length as the old. The only change is the height, plus the boat looks better from the side as the front of the dodger doesn't slant down like the old one did. My wife and I can both look around through the same window. I have my hands on the wheel, standing up straight and looking all around. It is the best thing I have ever done to improve the Amel. Thank you Ian...John  " Moon Dog" SM248

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Dear Eric,
I recall that many years ago Ian and Judy on Penazen posted pics and details of what seemed to me to be excellent improvements to the Canvas dodger. They had made them to increase the headroom as he is over six feet tall and to make it possible to sit on the front of the aft cabintop and still see forward. When we met he told me that they had lengthened the forward frame by 10cms and the other two by 15cms.
This made the front section vertical and this was almost entirely clear plastic so that they could see the horizon and also the trim of the genny . I do not recall whether they had put a small window in the canvas so that they could see the trim of the main. I think that the dodger was longer so that it could be secured to the mizzen shrouds. I am pretty sure that it could still be folded forward when necessary.
                               Best wishes,    Anne and John

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When I had my bimini replaced, I had them add zippers to the underside of it in the pockets for the frames..

That makes removal and replacement a snap.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite SM 376

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I think I'll modify mine when the current canvas is shot.  Was thinking of telescoping side supports that would lengthen to put up and shorten to fold flat.  Any other ideas?

I don't have much room below the boom to raise the canvas.




Brunswick GA USA

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Most of the photos of Super Maramus I have seen have a cockpit frame that angles up much more than my 1994 SM . My frame folds down very nicely , and I like be able to fold it down. We are having a new Bimini made this spring and we would like more headroom. My question , did Amel change the frame design or has all those Amel owner's lengthened / modified their frames ? Secondly , can those frames fold down ? I prefer the way mine looks, lower and sleeker , but the added headroom would be nice.
                                                                                                  Thanks , Pat SM #123

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