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Kent, the added length will  allow the frame to fold down. The biggest change height wise, is the forward one and that is the lowest one of them all so the boom clearance is no problem. If there is a problem you may have to raise the topping lift about an inch. As I recall, we cut the tubing and placed some wooden dowels inside of the pieces of tubing to raise it to where we liked it. Basically it was almost the same as Ian had. With the dowels in place and lines tying them in their proper places, you can fold the frames, walk around under it, look at the boom clearance, side view etc. You just keep cutting the dowels until you are happy with every thing. Using the dowels will make sure everything works and looks good before you weld. then measure and take the tubing to your welder and that's it. I can send any one pictures if you send me your e-mail. I don't think I can send via the Amel site. I'm not good at computer things.  John  "Moon Dog"  SM 248

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How do you lengthen the supports and still have it fold neatly over Dodger?  Relocate the holes where the supports attach to the dodger, or make telescoping supports?  ...or something else???


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