Amel 54 price?

Patrick Randall <Patrick.Randall@...>


Firstly I guess I'd better give a little intro as I'm new to this
list. I don't own an Amel but am scheming and plotting to change
that. I'm a 53yr old retired fairly poor Brit, married to a
Californian lady who has decided she likes sailing. (We bought a
house on a canal down in Florida and a little Hunter 30 to try her
out). I have been sailing since teens.

I have been admiring SMs from afar for the last 2 years with a view
to selling up and living aboard for my last few active years. I'm
just about to start looking seriously for a used SM and have of
course seen the 54 which looks rather tasty in the video,

How much is it / will it be?
Any ideas how fast they build them? I saw reference to a waiting
list already.

Probably completely out of my budget, especially as most of my funds
are in USD, but I'm curious.

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