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I installed the AIS on Cream Puff and used a SIMRAD NSPL-400 AIS Splitter. I have used it for two years with no notable performance affects on the VHF or the AIS. This was a more cost effective alternative than installing a second antenna. The VHF has the priority so the splitter will cease to transmit when the VHF is transmitting. Also, my thought process was if the splitter did interfere with the operation of the VHF, I could always add the second antenna later and sell the splitter on eBay. But, since I am happy with it, I will keep it.


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When I bought a Garmin AIS 600 ,I was told by the salesmen at the GPS store as well as a Garmin rep. that I should install a separate antenna . Now that I am ready to install it on top of the mizzen mast and thinking of the difficulty of the install, I am questioning if its worth the effort and the cost of the antenna. Putting a splitter into the vfh would be much easier. My question  is for those that have a splitter , do you have a good AIS signal and is there any reason to have a separate antenna ?

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