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Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all.
I have AIS_ ICOM MA-500TR with easySPLIT
It works fine T/R
Giovanni TESTA

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Hi again Pat.  My AIS is receive only.  That function works fine with the splitter.

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Let me give you another alternative:
Disconnect the AM/FM radio antenna at the back of the radio and either cut the connector off and place the correct connector for your AIR transponder. This is what I did nad it works perfect. I am guessing that Amel used a Marine VHF antenna for the AM/FM antenna on BeBe...they look identical at the top of the mast. I still get local FM reception without an antenna, but you can buy a short rubber car radio antenna and place it inside the cabinet where the radio is located.


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When I bought a Garmin AIS 600 ,I was told by the salesmen at the GPS store as well as a Garmin rep. that I should install a separate antenna . Now that I am ready to install it on top of the mizzen mast and thinking of the difficulty of the install, I am questioning if its worth the effort and the cost of the antenna. Putting a splitter into the vfh would be much easier. My question  is for those that have a splitter , do you have a good AIS signal and is there any reason to have a separate antenna ?

                                                                           &nbsp ;                    Thanks, Pat SM #123

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