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I deleted it, and it still came up. I'm trying again.  John

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Please... Could every one take a second to delete [amel yacht owners] from the subject line before replying.  John

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Pat, I thought that bird cage thing was a TV antenna, but maybe it was a combo TV and AM/FM Radio that Amel used if you bought the TV option. BeBe did not have that antenna or the TV AIS was easy for me.

Sorry my suggestion does not work for you.

BeBe 387

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Bill, My radio antenna is not original, it a power amplified antenna installed on my mizzen. When I dropped my main mast to rerig and paint the mast I took off a cage-like contraption that  I figured was some sort of antenna.  Pat

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Let me give you another alternative:
Disconnect the AM/FM radio antenna at the back of the radio and either cut the connector off and place the correct connector for your AIR transponder. This is what I did nad it works perfect. I am guessing that Amel used a Marine VHF antenna for the AM/FM antenna on BeBe...they look identical at the top of the mast. I still get local FM reception without an antenna, but you can buy a short rubber car radio antenna and place it inside the cabinet where the radio is located.


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When I bought a Garmin AIS 600 ,I was told by the salesmen at the GPS store as well as a Garmin rep. that I should install a separate antenna . Now that I am ready to install it on top of the mizzen mast and thinking of the difficulty of the install, I am questioning if its worth the effort and the cost of the antenna. Putting a splitter into the vfh would be much easier. My question  is for those that have a splitter , do you have a good AIS signal and is there any reason to have a separate antenna ?
                                                                           &nbsp ;                    Thanks, Pat SM #123

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